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We reimagine justice through a restorative vision.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our Focus

Immigrant and refugee community members should not be targeted and punished simply because they were born in another country. We advocate for policies that disentangle local and state law enforcement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). We also push for reforms that diminish the power of the prison-industrial complex, demanding investments in marginalized communities rather than police and the carceral system, challenging police misconduct, and promoting restorative justice as an alternative to punitive approaches in the criminal legal system.

  • We advocate for legislation that ends California's collaboration with ICE and stops double punishment of immigrant communities.
  • We ensure county compliance with the CA Values Act (SB 54) - California’s sanctuary policy that we helped draft and pass.
  • We bring community partners together to mobilize for policy change and help immigrant families stay together.
  • We advocate for clemency for immigrant community members facing deportation due to prior convictions.
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Get Help

Have you or your loved one been held for or transferred to ICE by local law enforcement or state prison in California? Contact us for help.

Our Work


Siskiyou County, Sheriff Persecute Asian Americans in Sweeping Racial Targeting Campaign, Class Action Lawsuit Charges

A class action lawsuit led by four Asian American community members details how Siskiyou County officials have waged a systematic campaign of racist hostility and persecution.

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Home, Not Heartbreak: A Photography Series

In partnership with Survival Media Agency, the Home, Not Heartbreak photo series, captures the stories of Californians organizing to end the prison-to-ICE pipeline that cruelly separates families.

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Community-Led Solutions to Anti-Asian Hate Violence

Amid a sharp increase in anti-Asian hate and violence, our teams continue to center healing and community safety as we work intensively to address the root causes of anti-Asian violence.

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