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The Defender – Evan Tana

April 9, 2019

Donor Spotlight Tech has fundamentally changed the San Francisco Bay Area. Yet among the industry’s innumerable trailblazers, there are unique individuals who look deeper into the Bay Area communities where they reside in and strive to make a deeper impact. Evan Tana is one such individual. A tech entrepreneur, investor, and major donor with Advancing […]

The Defender – Palyn Hung Mitchell

April 9, 2019

Staff Spotlight This edition, we’re introducing a new section to The Defender: the Staff Spotlight highlights a different member of the Advancing Justice – ALC team to bring you a little bit closer to the remarkable people responsible for our success. Palyn Hung Mitchell is a Staff Attorney in our Workers’ Rights Program. Most recently, […]

The Defender – Coming Back Home

April 9, 2019

              Coming Back Home After a deportation, the pain of a loved one’s removal never truly fades. It is evident in every missed birthday, every distant phone call, and every night alone. In most cases, the separation is permanent, but not always. In the last six months, we have […]

The Defender – Judge Dolly Gee, Judge Edward Chen & Quyen Ta

October 15, 2018

Donor / Alumnus Spotlight – One of the things that Advancing Justice – ALC is known for is helping create the next generation of API leaders. Many accomplished and passionate people have walked through our doors in the past 46 years. Their unique perspectives and experiences made Advancing Justice – ALC a better place, and […]

The Defender – Reforming Community at La Taqueria

October 9, 2018

    Reforming Community at La Taqueria – Here in the Bay Area, we’re fortunate to have access to some of the best food in the world. But while it’s easy to delight in the tasty cuisine our city has to offer, unsavory labor violations often lie behind the scenes for the workers who cook […]

The Defender – Finding Sanctuary

June 25, 2018

  Finding Sanctuary – Immigrant communities across California have long fought for more meaningful protections against local and state entanglement with deportations. For years, local law enforcement agencies participated in arresting and detaining immigrants and notifying Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), violating due process rights and ripping families apart. This entanglement meant routine traffic stops […]

The Defender – Dr. Rolland Lowe: A Legacy of Giving

June 25, 2018

Dr. Rolland Lowe: A Legacy of Giving – For the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in San Francisco, there are few individuals who exemplify community engagement and service more vividly than Dr. Rolland and Kathryn Lowe. They have served on the boards of a wide range of non-profit organizations including the Chinese American Community […]

The Undocumented and Uninsured Dilemma: Leave the Hospital in Debt or Dead

June 6, 2018

The Undocumented and Uninsured Dilemma: Leave the Hospital in Debt or Dead By Wei Lee (ASPIRE) & Madeleine Villanueva (UPLIFT) In the upcoming weeks, the California Legislature will be deciding on the expansion of Medi-Cal to open up coverage to all Californians regardless of immigration status. Two proposals are on the table – one to […]

Advancing Transparency, Equity, and Accountability for California in 2018

May 10, 2018

Advancing Transparency, Equity, and Accountability for California in 2018   It’s been a busy year for civil rights non-profits. Despite the president’s efforts to stymie us, we’ve been fully engaged in driving reform across a broad range of policy arenas, and at Asian Americans Advancing Justice – California, a joint project of Advancing Justice – […]

16 Years After 9/11, We Can’t Be Silent Anymore

September 11, 2017

By Sacha Maniar, National Security and Civil Rights Program Coordinator   Growing up in a community with few people who looked like me, I had very little concept of racial and religious identity. At the time, I had no language to understand differences except that I wasn’t like the people around me. I didn’t celebrate […]

Curtain Call: Immigrants, We’re Getting the Job Done

August 24, 2017

“It’s really astonishing that in a country founded by immigrants, ‘immigrant’ has somehow become a bad word. So the debate rages on and we continue….” – J. Period, “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)”, The Hamilton Mixtape   The musical Hamilton tells the story of our founding fathers – first and second generation immigrants who built this […]

Rejecting Registries – A Reflection on 100 Days of Justice

July 5, 2017

During World War II, FDR ordered the registry used to carry out the forced removal and internment of thousands of Japanese Americans. It wasn’t until the 1980s that the U.S. government finally acknowledged “race prejudice, war hysteria, and failure of political leadership” as the motivating factors behind the heinous actions. In 2002, President George W. […]

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