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We provide free consults for low-wage workers, immigrants, tenants, incarcerated or detained individuals, and community members experiencing problems entering the U.S., FBI questioning or discrimination by law enforcement. For a phone consultation, please see our legal clinic schedule and call (415) 896-1701 to schedule an appointment.


Other Free Legal Consultations for Low-Income Workers in the Bay Area

  • Legal Aid at Work: Clinics and Helplines
  • La Raza Centro Legal, San Francisco: (415) 575-3500 (Spanish)
  • Centro Legal de la Raza, Oakland: (510) 437-1554 (Spanish)
  • Women’s Employment Rights Clinic: (415) 442-6647

To find other legal aid organizations who provide legal counseling in other parts of California, visit Coalition of Low Income and Immigrant Worker Advocates.

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Immigrant Legal Resource Center’s Responsible Releases: Safeguards to Protect Immigrants Released from Jails and Prisons (English)


Please see our community advisory on what you should know about the latest travel restrictions relating to COVID-19 (English)


Please see our new community advisory on the executive order banning immigration during COVID-19 effective April 23, 2020. English | Arabic | Farsi | Somali | Urdu | Vietnamese


Need Legal Assistance? 您需要法律协助吗?

Phone Appointment Only. If you need legal assistance on a housing issue, please call 415-295-2024. If we miss your call, please leave a voice/text message (Your name, phone number, and briefly describe the issue), and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

仅限预约。 如果您在住房问题上需要法律援助,请致电415-295-2024。 如果我们错过您的来电,请留下语音/短信(包括您的姓名,电话号码,并简要说明问题),我们将尽快回复您。

Our Housing Rights Program only provides legal assistance to San Francisco tenants. We prioritize cases involving eviction, reasonable accommodation, significant rent increase, landlord harassment, habitability issues, and change in terms of tenancy. We do not provide any services to landlords.


Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi. Other languages may be available upon request.

语言:英语,广东话,普通话,印地语。 可根据需求提供其他语言。

Are you facing landlord harassment due to backed rent during COVID?

You may be protected and should ask your landlord to cease the harassment. See our Pro Se Letter- Harassment 1A & 1B- Landlord Harassment for Non-Payment.


您可能受到法律保护并应该向房东提出停止骚扰的要求。请参阅我们为您提供的信函范本- 因欠租而引起的房东骚扰

State eviction protections have been extended through the end of June.
If you cannot pay your full rent right now, read this short summary of what you must do to protect yourself: English | Chinese | Spanish | Filipino

如果您现在付不起全部房租,请阅读以下有关如何保护自己的摘要:英语 | 中文 | 西班牙语 | 菲律宾语

Are you being evicted?

If you have received a Summons & Complaint or have been served a notice containing allegations of nuisance, call the Eviction Defense Collaborative‘s legal assistance line as soon as possible at (415) 659-9184 or email LEGAL@evictiondefense.org


如果您收到逼迁传票及诉状书,或收到包含妨害指控的通知,请尽快致电抗逼迁联盟的法律援助专线 (415) 659-9184 或发送邮件至 LEGAL@evictiondefense.org

If you need financial assistance for the payment of rent, please call RADCo at (415) 470-5211 or email EDCRADCO@evictiondefense.org

如果您需要经济援助来支付租金,请致电经济协助服务 (415) 470-5211 或发送邮件至EDCRADCO@evictiondefense.org

Are you a San Francisco tenant who can’t pay rent because of COVID-19? Please see our SB 91 Fact Sheet to learn about how you can be protected. English | Chinese | Spanish | Russian | Vietnamese

您是因为新型冠状病毒疫情而付不起房租的三藩市租客吗?请参阅我们有关州法律SB 91的简介,了解如何保护自己。

英语 | 中文 | 西班牙语 | 越南语

Watch Legal Services of Northern California‘s video with more information about California’s COVID-19 eviction protections.


When making rent payments to your landlord, particularly if you owe back rent or other fines, it is important to tell your landlord specifically what your rent payment is for. Be sure to write on the check or money order what the payment is for (e.g. March 2021 Rent), and use one of the rent designation letters linked here (available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, and Vietnamese) to make sure you and your landlord are on the same page. Give this letter to your landlord at the same time you give them your rent.


Additional COVID-19 Information for Tenants

San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition

MOHCD COVID-19 Emergency Tenant Protections

Know Your Rights on COVID Tenant Protections (English)




了解您的权益- 新型冠状病毒疫情租户保护(英语)