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Black and white photo of a woman in a t-shirt holding a megaphone standing above a crowd of people in a park. In the background a person holds up a sign that says 'CA Values SB 54'

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Broken Stems: A Story of How California Prisons and ICE Tear Families Apart

Broken Stems is a comic project that tells the story of how California prisons tear apart families by voluntarily colluding with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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Learning from Civil Rights Legacies: A Trip to Alabama Steeped in History & Reflection

Since their immersive trip to Alabama, ALC staff members have been sharing what they learned, the civil rights exhibits & sites that left a lasting mark, and the questions they are grappling with now.

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Your Language Rights for Unemployment Insurance in California

California residents seeking unemployment insurance have expanded language access rights.

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