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Teacher and Advocate Sophea Phea Returns Home from Deportation After 11 Years

Sophea Phea, who was deported to Cambodia in 2011, came home this past week to her loved ones and community in Long Beach, CA. We spoke to Sophea about her journey, her advocacy, and more.

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Siskiyou County, Sheriff Persecute Asian Americans in Sweeping Racial Targeting Campaign, Class Action Lawsuit Charges

A class action lawsuit led by four Asian American community members details how Siskiyou County officials have waged a systematic campaign of racist hostility and persecution.

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Families, Civil Rights Organizations Celebrate Court Decision that U.S. Government Must Redress Muslim Ban Harms

Federal court in San Francisco rules Biden administration must undo the harms of the Muslim & African Bans and proactively reconsider denied visa applicants.

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